Egan Performance Felling Dawgs/Spikes for Stihl 261/362/361/400

Egan Performance Felling Dawgs/Spikes for Stihl 261/362/361/400

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This is a 3-point felling dawgs/bucking spikes for Stihl 261/362/361/400. Since the center dawg is longer, it will act as the pivot point. This dawg is smaller/shorter than others on the market. A shorter dawg will help utilize available bar length, reduce leverage on the saw's mounts, are less likely to bend, and won't cause your chain to be overly aggressive. In the effort to keep prices low, these are neither coated nor painted.  Made in the USA from AR500 alloy steel. This felling/bucking dawg has a lifetime warranty.

NEW!! These felling dawgs now fit the Stihl 261!!  Do note, that they are approximately 7/8" longer than the factory 261 dawgs.

Both inside and outside dawgs are included.  Chain catcher is not included.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ron Cote
Great product!

These spikes are perfect. They reach down where you need them to. I had the OEM dual spikes on my saw. They curve up on the bottom and don't grab in certain situations where you need them to.
So in response to the 3 star review because it would fit in a case.... That's ridiculous, these were designed for a purpose and they suit that purpose perfectly at a reasonable price. Also, They are THE ONLY business ever to refund shipping when it's less than quoted.
If that doesn't show humbleness and appreciation for your business than I don't know what else could.
Thanks again Jason and Kara!

Customer (Pullman, US)
Work great!

Purchased these for my 362 and they're great! They fit perfect and allow for so much more grip on thick bark trees. These are super tough and can take some abuse. I've had them on my saw for over a year and have nothing but things to say about them.

Jeff Stalnaker (Waldorf, US)
Looks Okay

The spikes look nice, however did not have and bolts to mount them, so I'm not sure yet. Would be nice to include the mounting hardware with the spikes since they were a premium price and I'm sure the mounting bolts would be cheap.

William Rose (Centerton, US)
Work ok, but....

Good quality and work pretty well when cutting.
Biggest complaint is how much the bottom spike points down. It points/hangs down so far, making the saw sit higher, the lid on my Stihl case will not latch. I put my 5 point dogs back on. So money wasted if you use a case to transport in.
These are/were on an MS 361.